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Mastermind the 2nd (Beyond Contest) by ZiaLightheart
Mastermind the 2nd (Beyond Contest)
I just remembered the Beyond contest in Earth G, scrambled to scan and give this a flat coloring, what doesn't help is I haven't been able to get my motivation back with coloring pics and I have no idea on how to get my motivation back. >_o Anyway, the quick summary thing I typed up VERY quickly, so if its bumpy, thats to be expected, I didn't give myself much time. :XD:

Name: Mastermind the 2nd
Real name: Zohar Dox
Age: Unknown(I don't know how far in the future this is.), But his age has been slowed tremendously due to technology.
Alignment: Unknown, due to his actions with helping both heroes and villains, this is in the air, but hes helped heroes more then villains. it is guessed he helps whatever suits his interest.
Birthplace: In a Skylar towers lab.
City: Mobile

About(Quick Summary): Zohar, ever since his creation in Skylar's lab, has been under his mother's constant supervision, which in his older years, got VERY old VERY quickly. So he managed to escape her gaze and flee to the outside world, and quickly learned, he had to be tough so he wasn't walked all over upon, his mother's reputation helped with this. His mother quickly discovered his disappearance and sent a special drone of hers to find her son which following the panicking civilians wasn't to hard to do. But seeing that he was studying everything, she didn't immediately take him back to her ship, she noticed he was acting like a field scientist in a way, and let him study and research things without her aid. Because of this, he learned to act and fend for himself rather then relying on his mother, and not to mention the ability to think very VERY quickly due to the enemies his mother has made. Eventually, he went back to his mother for a while, sharing his research with her and the things he learned about humans. But eventually, he got bored again and ventured outside, drone in tow, and began helping others, Heroes and villains, earning him cautious eyes wherever he went, and continued to check up on his mother here and there, making sure she wasn't planning anything TO drastic.

Art and Mastermind (C) :iconzialightheart:
Brainiac (C) Proper owner.


The Mad Scientist
United States
Current Residence: Whos knows. *Shrugs*
Favourite genre of music: (Varies)
Operating System: Windows 7
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Favourite cartoon character: I got a lot of favs. lol
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This first part, is hard for me to talk about, the MMO I often played to get rid of stress and worry, City of Heroes, Was shut down at 2:05 AM aka the morning of December 1st. I got to know some many great people there, I got attached to the game itself, the community, the stories, the characters, that it made me so upset when it was shut down, it felt like I lost a really good friend. But it held so many good memories that I will never forget, ever. so unless something changes in its condition for the time being(Or until my mood gets better), my art will probably slow down to a screeching halt and if I want to get something done, I will probably have to force myself to work on it. For this, I apologize, I do not mean to make you all wait for my art and the comics.

Speaking of which, I have good news for one of them at least, my Danny Phantom comic has its line art entirely done, and is ready to be scanned and colored. BUT as far as the kirby comic, I only have a little buffer for that, not much line art done for that, which is making me think I should do what I did with the DP comic, so there might be a long gap before you start seeing pages because I might work on chapters or the entire comic's line art done, but I will try to get a page done here and there as so the comics still going. Also, I will be working on a couple side projects that I will be working on in my spare time if I feel up to it due to my mood, hopefully this will help clear my mood up temporarily to get things done, hopefully...

As far as normal art and the like though, boy do I got a buildup going, seriously, I do. So you might see some line art being posted here and there. But If I sit down and work on coloring stuff, things should get colored relatively quickly. I don't have any pictures planed, but thats usually how my pictures work, I really don't plan them.

But I thought I'd say something to let you all know that I'm still alive. =)

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